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Poster: billydlions Date: Aug 4, 2010 4:44am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Incedible 1975! I cant believe I've never heard this.

Hey Deadmax, I guess I was joint pointing out the seemingly 180 degree shift from the jazz feeling of this tape to the slowed down tempos of 1976 (we can agree on that, right?). It seems like the band made some decision to change in this direction. As for 1976, there are many positives including the great set lists and many shows in summer and fall. Overall, I just find most of the year to laid back for me (I guess that's where I came up with the lethargic comment). That being said, 10/15 & 12/31 are favorites of mine.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Aug 4, 2010 7:32am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Incedible 1975! I cant believe I've never heard this.

Hey BDL--since it ain't 68 or thereabouts, I think even retirement contracts allow me to comment...I think that you and LiA are on target with allusions to the dramatic shifts in 75 thru to 76...having been to the shows in 75, and many in 76, I always felt there was a great deal of variation, just within 75, much less as they became more consistent (less variable?) in set-lists, show sound, etc., in 76. The whole BfAllah studio sound came thru in parts of the Mar/Jun shows of 75, but entirely dominated the Aug one (that became the first Vault release), and then was not so prominent in the Sep GGPk show I always talk about (or did). That latter show, IMHO, was much more a "typical" DEAD show for those of us attending, and we even discussed whether the whole BfAllah foray had been an experiment that was fading to the background...

This is not based at all on detailed analyses of set-lists, or listening to the shows from 75 lately (haven't for yrs and yrs), nor the studio material you all are discussing here, but just my superficial recollection of what "we on the ground" percieved as the band came off the hiatus and hit the circuit again, in 76.

So, not sure how to typify it, but our take at the time was they were once again "experimenting" in the studio, culminating in the 75 release of BfAllah, but that having show-cased some of that material live, they settled on a sound in 76 that didn't continue in a dominating fashion all of those efforts...if that makes any sense. And then it was on to the new approaches with studio efforts associated with TerSt and its release in 77, but I can't really comment on that sequence and the interplay between studio and live performances.